June 2019 HEALTH

Solutions for affordable and personalised health care

International Organisations are dealing with pressures of their own, from budgets and funds to higher expectations of good governance and transparency. To rise to these opportunities and challenges, there’s a tremendous need for affordability, predictability and personalisation. Cigna partners with International Organisations to help them face the current issues and provide affordable and personalised health services for their staff members.
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Affordability means helping plan members find the right care, at the right price. Affordability also compels us to help them get the most value from their benefit plans – and to help them lower their costs as their health improves. One important way we help plan members receive quality cost-effective care is through maximising their relationship with health care professionals.

Changes are also needed on the provider side. We believe that medical professionals, doctors and manufacturers of devices and pharmaceuticals should move towards a value-based care model instead of the traditional, and expensive, fee for service model.

In addition, the need for health care services continues to increase due to aging populations and a rise in chronic conditions and mental health issues. New technological innovations have also been seen to increase demand, which in turn leads to increased cost.


Predictability is the key to keeping healthy people healthy. We must use actionable information to predict or identify health risks before they happen. We need to predict a prediabetic before they become diabetic, a coronary risk patient before they have a heart attack and high-risk pregnancies. This will not only improve overall cost, but the quality of care too.


Each person is unique and every organisation is unique as well. When it comes to effective health care, one size does not fit all; especially for globally mobile employees working for International Organisations. Through information and technological innovation it’s now possible to personalise health plans, communication and access to what works best for each individual.

We can use the insights we’ve learned through experience to segment individuals into groups with common needs. This allows us to deliver personally relevant products and services to each group of customers.

As a global health service company, Cigna is dedicated to providing whole-person services and solutions. Our mission is to improve the health, wellbeing and peace of mind of those we serve by helping them access affordable and personalised health services.


Building a sustainable health care system for international organisations

Every other year, Cigna organises a seminar for International Organisations to discuss a current topic in health services for globally mobile employees.

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Supporting staff members dealing with stress

Mental health has a critical impact on economic development and wellbeing. Mental health issues have been shown to increase employee absenteeism, lower rates of productivity and increase costs.

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