Cigna IGO services

Only the best health care providers

Our health care provider network of more than 11,000 hospitals, doctors and specialists across the globe ensures easy access to quality health care, wherever your people are.

Plan members are free to select the provider of their choice. They can also rely on our health care provider network to benefit from direct payment agreements and discounts. 85% of all inpatient care is paid directly by Cigna to the provider.

Some of the ways we serve our members

We go the extra mile

We support your staff members through crisis situations and during illness or injury. They can also rely on a suite of health and wellbeing tools to optimise their whole body health and facilitate a successful assignment. Our goal is to give them complete peace of mind.

Local support in remote regions

Being admitted to hospital is stressful enough. So we make things as easy as possible for your staff members so they can focus on getting better. Whether they planned an admission, or end up in hospital because of an illness or accident, we’re here to help.

We’re here when you need us

Your staff members can rely on our 24/7 in-house customer service centres, available in over 50 languages. They can call a dedicated number and speak to someone familiar with the situations IGO workers deal with.

In-network coverage without the need to pay on site

Cigna’s network of doctors and hospitals is built around our clients’ locations in both developed and remote regions. Your staff members benefit from direct payment agreements with all health care providers in our network.

81% of our plan members are either satisfied or very satisfied with our services!

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