October 2019 HEALTH

Building a sustainable health care system for international organisations

Every other year, Cigna organises a seminar for International Organisations to discuss a current topic in health services for globally mobile employees. Our goal is to play a convening role and participate in a constructive conversation. The 9th edition of the Cigna International Organisations seminar took place in Madrid, Spain in June. This edition covered the topic of Sustainable Health Care through Affordability and Personalisation.
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To be able to share the findings with organisations who were not able to attend, we created a white paper based on the valuable insights from the day. In this retrospective of the Cigna International Organisations seminar, you can read about the shifting health care landscape, possible solutions to the resulting challenges and a proposed way forward to sustainable health care.


Health care is currently under increasing societal pressures such as technological innovation, access to care and a changing, more demanding, mind-set of customers. At the same time, medical costs continue to rise around the world, and at rates significantly higher than regular inflation.

This is driven by many factors, including the rise of chronic conditions and mental health issues, aging populations and overpricing by health care providers and pharmaceutical companies. In addition to rising costs and increasing demand, people now expect personalisation throughout all services, including health care.

International Organisations must also fulfil their duty of care by offering their globally mobile employees affordable and personalised health care. In the long run, improving health and wellbeing are the only sustainable ways to reduce demand and keep the workforce healthy and productive. However, Organisations are dealing with pressures of their own, from shrinking budgets and funds to higher expectations of good governance and transparency. Keeping effective health plans viable is now more challenging than ever.

To rise to these opportunities and challenges, there’s a tremendous need for a sustainable health care system that is both affordable and personalised.

Would you like to know more? Download the white paper.


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