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To optimise the structure of your plan and reduce costs, we continuously analyse plan consumption and frequently provide reports tailored to your needs. We empower and support our clients to make informed decisions by delivering meaningful insights.

You can also rely on us to deliver efficient services. We’re happy to set up contractual agreements for Turnaround Times and Service Levels.

Exceptional Client Service

Our team is an extension of your team. We leverage deep insights and experience to offer expert plan guidance and strategies to maximise programme impact. We ensure a true partnership and a sustainable health plan.

All this is coordinated through one dedicated point of contact for your HR team, your client manager who is happy to travel to your offices for face-to-face meetings.

Cost management

Based on your needs, we propose the most attractive option for financing your plan – either through self-insured solutions or by setting up tailor-made insurance proposals.

We keep costs to a minimum through our well-targeted anti-fraud policy. Detecting, preventing and investigating fraud, waste and abuse is essential to keeping a medical plan viable and affordable.

Clinical foundation

Clients can rely on us for expertise, services and tools to improve the health and wellbeing of their employees. Our case managers find economical treatment solutions, adapt the length of stay and negotiate the best rates.

If needed, our in-house clinical team of certified of doctors and nurses can provide expert medical advice. This leads to better health outcomes and often to savings as well.



Our dedicated Innovation Team is the key enabler of our continuous targeted innovation. We closely monitor our clients’ evolving needs to provide personalised and innovative health services. We don’t focus on technology simply for the sake of technology, but only where it adds value for our clients, plan members and health care providers.

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83% of our clients are either satisfied or very satisfied with our services.

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