At Cigna, we go the extra mile

We believe in proactively encouraging good health rather than paying the price of treating illness. This reduces costs and ensures people remain productive.

Some of the ways we support your staff members:

24/7 responsive and caring customer service

People want to feel cared for. We don’t think it’s enough to provide round-the-clock customer service in over 50 languages. We want every member to feel that he or she can reach out to us and find a caring, compassionate person.

Easy access to health care

Cigna has a network of over one million health care professionals and facilities around the globe. Our extensive network combined with price agreements ensures high-quality medical care at competitive prices.

No need to advance large sums for hospital bills

Members benefit from direct payment agreements with all hospitals in our network and many other providers. They don’t have to advance the expenses covered under their plan as providers send their invoices directly to Cigna.

Cigna Health Benefits app

Everything at your fingertips

Plan members have easy access to their health plan, wherever they are, with the free Cigna Health Benefits app. They can find a health care provider nearby, submit a claim, track the progress of their claims and more.

Ready to give your staff members great health coverage?

Get in touch and speak to one of our advisers to begin creating your health plan.