How healthy are employees around the world?

People aspire to live well and stay well, a challenging endeavour when we are confronted by numerous challenges to our health and wellbeing. Health and wellbeing have a major impact on people’s ability to thrive and consistently perform at work. Employee wellbeing is the heart of an organisation’s competitive edge, its sustainability and its employee experience.
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Cigna’s 2019 360° Wellbeing survey explores mental wellbeing, workplace wellness, heart health and new technologies so we can reframe our mindset and plan for a sustainable wellness journey. Cigna is focused on providing solutions and support across all dimensions of wellness. We care about whole person health because we believe mental wellbeing is just as important as physical wellbeing.

The 360° Wellbeing survey will help you better understand the challenges your employees around the world are experiencing, so you can be an advocate in their journey towards health and wellbeing.


  • Overall, the Wellbeing Index – the combined scores of physical, financial, workplace, social and family wellness – remains steady at 62 points, closer to 2017 levels, with a marginal improvement from 2018’s decline.
  • India, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and Indonesia showed the strongest improvement in overall wellness with a rise of between 2.1 and 4.4 points, while the US, New Zealand, Taiwan and Singapore showed slight drops, with New Zealand reporting the largest fall.
  • Emerging markets have the most optimistic outlook, while North Asian markets are the most conservative.
  • Stress continues to affect respondents; adversely affecting how people feel about the workplace and contributing to a decline in physical health.
  • Financial wellbeing scores have risen slightly, as people feel better compensated for their work and are more comfortable dealing with day-to-day financial needs.
  • Family wellness remains steady and social wellbeing is on the rise, primarily due to respondents having more friends to talk openly with, although being time-poor is still a concern.


  • India is number one in the wellbeing ranking for the fifth year in a row.
  • India and Nigeria are the only markets where colleagues’ stress has a higher net positive impact on the workplace where they become more conscious about managing stress and become more caring towards each other.
  • South Koreans are the most stressed. Respondents in France (tied with the UK and Benelux) the least stressed, although, surprisingly, French respondents rank third when it comes to unmanageable stress.
  • People in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia and the UAE) experience higher levels of unmanageable stress compared to other markets.
  • Very few people see a medical professional for their stress, yet those who do find it very effective.
  • People think 63 years is old, compared to 2017 when it was 67 years.
  • Talking to people, exercising and taking up a hobby are the top stress relief methods.


Visit Cigna’s 360° Wellbeing survey website to read the full report.

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