January 2020 CIGNA NEWS

The future of innovation at Cigna

Our planning for the future started several months ago when we executed an innovation strategy sprint which helped us sharpen our focus, fine-tune our operating model and identify the key projects to focus on next year. So what will 2020 look like at the Cigna Innovation Hub?
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The Innovation Hub works hard to support Cigna’s strategy to become the life-long health partner of choice for our customers. As a key enabler of this strategy, we will concentrate on innovative solutions to improve whole person health and fulfil future customer needs.

These solutions are centred on a personalised, preventive, predictive and participatory approach to health. With these principles in mind, we will not only create delight for our customers today but also magic for our future customers.


We’re often asked about the Innovation Hub at Cigna and the role it plays. Innovation in big companies can go many ways, and we brainstormed and iterated to identify the one that best suits our vision and needs. 

Our Innovation Hub has two significant roles. Firstly, as an internal accelerator, developing and carrying out our own innovation projects. Secondly, we act as an internal innovation consultant. We will continue sponsoring and supporting innovation initiatives from the different markets and segments, and spread best practices and solutions across Cigna International Markets.


We must continually innovate to become a true health partner for our members. We still have a long way to go and we can’t go there alone! Our strategy is based on four pillars that empower our vision.

  • People: Creating a true culture of innovation remains one of our main ambitions. That’s why we will intensify our collaboration with HR to make sure that innovation becomes a priority across all of Cigna.
  • Technology: Innovation is not only for the tech-savvy, and it doesn’t always involve a technological change, however it’s certainly fundamental to innovation in healthcare today. Throughout 2020, we will develop projects that will involve technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and National Language Processing (NLP), among others.
  • Partners: We can’t innovate in a vacuum. We will continue establishing new relationships by keeping an eye open to find start-ups, companies and universities that will help us go the extra mile. These collaborations will allow us to deliver value faster.
  • Data: Last but not least, in 2020, we will focus on making the most of the available data and improving the way we collect, interpret and use it in the interest of our members.

As well as focusing on what we do, how we do it is a big priority. Fast decision-making and experimenting can help minimise risk and prove the value of disruptive ideas. We must also acknowledge that not everything will go as planned so we must position failures as a way to learn and further iterate. This mindset is what can really help us succeed!


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