What Cigna delivers

Cigna will help you protect your most important asset, your employees. How? By focusing on three key pillars:

Your people first

Plan members enjoy a world-class customer experience through innovative and locally relevant approaches.

Health driven

We provide unrivalled access to quality care and personalised health and wellbeing support. Our goal is to improve health outcomes.

Trusted partner

By working together in close partnership, we help IGOs reduce risk, improve their staff members’ health and save money.


Why IGOs choose Cigna

We know IGOs. We have more than 60 years of experience in tailoring health products and services to the unique needs of our IGO clients and plan members. And our first client is still with us. 

We’re specialised in serving people in remote areas and central hubs. With four service centres in each time zone (Belgium, Spain, Kenya and Malaysia) and local communication officers on every continent, we’re truly - and uniquely - local.

Cigna IGO services

How we take care of your employees

Every day, we support our plan members through crisis situations and during illness or injury. Your employees can rely on our 24/7, multilingual and multicultural customer service centres. Our goal is to give your employees complete peace of mind so they can focus on their important work.

Ready to give your employees great health coverage?

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