Cigna benefits and plans for Brokers

Why work with Cigna?

At Cigna, we’re all about win-win-win. We’re happy when you and your clients are happy. Here’s how we make sure everyone wins.

Benefits for you

Long-term partnership

We empower and support you by delivering meaningful insights. We’re committed to providing streamlined and efficient service, to both you and your clients.

Quick and easy

We take most of the administration on ourselves so you can focus on sales and growing your business.

Profitable partnership

You receive competitive commission for new business and renewals.

Benefits for your clients

Quick and easy

Our various online tools and services save time and minimise administration. One example is our online claiming tool which plan members can use to submit and follow up on claims.

Locally compliant*

Our flexible plans not only fit your clients’ various needs and budgets, we offer the most extensively locally compliant health insurance and services.

*Our sales teams will give you thorough information on the countries you need coverage for.

Extensive provider network

Our health care provider network of more than 11,000 carefully selected hospitals, doctors and specialists across the globe ensures easy access to quality health care, wherever your clients are.

Get to know our products and plans:

Cigna Products for Africa

Discover our products for Africa

Are your clients corporations based in Africa?

From plans that provide expatriates with cover wherever they are in the world, to plans combining local and best-in-Africa cover, our product suite covers all possibilities when it comes to addressing your particular health insurance needs.


Discover COVERN’GO

Are your clients NGOs? 

We’ll help you build a health plan that perfectly suits your organisation. Comprehensive core cover and the flexibility to add optional benefits allows you to build a plan that meets your specific needs.

Cigna services for IGO

Discover our services for IGOs

Are your clients IGOs?

We have expert local teams on the ground working to protect what matters most, your people. These teams are coordinated by dedicated global client managers. With Cigna, you can be sure your international and local employees, and their families, are in good hands.

Partner with Cigna

We’d love to welcome you to the Cigna broker family. Fill in our contact form and one of our sales representatives will contact you.