Some of the ways we support our plan members:

Easy access to health care

Cigna has more than 1,550 directly contracted health care professionals and facilities in Africa and over one million around the world. We achieve an in-network direct settlement ratio of over 90% throughout the continent.

24/7 responsive and caring customer service

It’s not enough to provide round-the-clock customer service in over 50 languages. We want every member to feel that he or she can reach out to us and find a caring, compassionate person on the other end.

Local support in remote regions

Our office in Nairobi, Kenya includes a claims centre and contact centre. In addition, we have local clinical case managers in Ethiopia, Senegal, the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Africa and Kenya.


Everything at your fingertips

Plan members have easy access to their health plan, wherever they are, with the free Cigna Health Benefits app. They can find a health care provider nearby, submit a claim, track the progress of their claims and more.

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